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Nature Journaling with Heather Woodie: The Complete Set

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Join Heather Woodie as she teaches you how to be a “nature keeper."

These courses will help you become more curious and ask lots of questions about nature that’s all around you. You will learn about various species and the ecology that influences them by observing and sketching in the field as well as how to record those observations in a nature journal. 

Vincent van Gogh said: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 

Draw on Heather’s expertise to help you find the beauty in your own backyard and create an ongoing record of it.

This is the complete set containing ALL 6 MODULES and over 70 VIDEO LESSONS!

Each module is jam-packed with resources including bonus material and corresponding activities:

  • Amphibians & Reptiles Module
  • Birds  Module
  • Insects  Module
  • Mammals  Module
  • Trees  Module
  • Wild Plants & Fungi  Module

Upon purchase, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to this course.

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