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Mixing with the Masters, Volume 1

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Mixing With the Masters, Volume One: Mixed Media Workshop is a multi-project eCourse with detailed videos and step-by-step instructions of each project.


This course will give you and your kids a FUN, hands-on way to connect with the old masters and some of their most famous works. By becoming involved in the same processes these artists used, the elements and principles of art will come ALIVE!

In this first volume, we will study six artists from various eras and movements. We will learn about their lives, art styles, techniques, mediums, and genres. Then comes the really fun part:

We will recreate a few of their most famous pieces, giving each our own mixed media twist! 

In this workshop, we explore and experiment with various art forms including:

  • Sketching & charcoal drawing
  • Acrylic painting techniques, such as:
    • Fresco
    • Chiaroscuro
    • Tache
    • Impasto
    • Alla Prima
    • Gradient
  • Watercolor painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Wax resist
  • Collage art
  • And MORE!

Includes 18 different art lessons altogether (3 per artist), plus 6 art challenges. 


Volume One Artists:

  1. Leonardo da Vinci – High Renaissance
  2. Rembrandt van Rijn – Baroque 
  3. Claude Monet – Impressionism
  4. Vincent van Gogh – Post-Impressionism 
  5. Pablo Picasso – Cubism 
  6. Georgia O’Keeffe – American Modernism

In addition to the art lessons, there are:

  • A short biographaphical video on each artist
  • Printable PDF study guides
  • A weekly student "challenge"
  • Printable patterns and templates
  • Inspirational quotes by each artist
  • Suggested books, videos, and websites for further learning
  • Private Facebook group in which to share students' works of art

You will receive LIFETIME access, so you are free to work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

(Please Note: Although the age recommendation is for older children and teens, many younger children, and even preschoolers, have done these projects right alongside their siblings with minor adjustments.)

Classes are available for immediate access.

For more info, to view more art projects from this course, or to read our FAQs, click here.

Don't want the entire volume? Purchase individual artists separately for $18 each.


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