Art School: Drawing 101
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Art School: Drawing 101

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In this course we’ll explore dry and wet drawing media:

Graphite, Charcoal, and Pen & Ink

We’ll experiment with the following techniques:

Learning to “See” • Hatching • Cross-Hatching • Double Cross-Hatching • Scribble Drawing • Continuous Line Drawing • Contour Drawing • Blind Contour Drawing • Directional Line • Line & Wash • Brush Drawing • Gesture Drawing •  Negative Space • Proportion • And more!

Plus we’ll create several projects from start to finish with these techniques!

*** Please note: These courses are recommended for students ages 10 through teens. Only you know the abilities of your own children, so if you have younger ones who want to participate, you can make that call. These lessons will be more advanced than our other art courses in that they will encourage the students to draw upon their own inner resources (no templates will be provided). The purpose of these courses is to launch your child into the world of art so they can take these very basic skills and soar with them! ***

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