A Life That Flourishes

A Life That Flourishes

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Are you struggling in your Christian walk, wondering just exactly what your purpose in life is? Do your efforts and attempts at developing a thriving relationship with the Lord seem fruitless? Do you feel like you're withering on the inside because you've been ignoring the desires of your heart and the whispers of your soul for far too long? Have you neglected taking care of you because you've been so busy caring for others?

Then this eBook is for you! A Life That Flourishes will teach you how to:

  • Become established in the Word of God
  • Pray effective prayers that get results
  • Be led by the Spirit of God
  • Develop a vibrant, intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Discover and fulfill your God-given purpose
  • Ignite your creative passions
  • Cultivate the areas of your life that your soul is longing for
  • Create a sanctuary for your soul
  • Develop a fit and flourishing lifestyle
  • Establish life priorities
  • Set and obtain goals that align with your priorities
  • And much more!

Over 150 pages of practical wisdom and advice that you can begin implementing right away.

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