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Instantly access ALL art courses for kids and teens!

Masterpiece Society Studio – is an art membership site in which you can have access to ALL the courses we’ve created for kids and teens – hundreds of lessons – at any time of the year, day or night – without having to plan a single one! Masterpiece Society Studio is a fun and safe way for your kids to learn, PLUS we’re adding so many new facets! Not only will you have access to ALL our courses for kids and teens, we’ve also added exclusive content for members only:


Exclusive Member Content:

#1: We’ve got LOTS of simple step-by-step drawing lessons that we’ve created with early-elementary students (K-2) in mind. These are super-short, easy-peasy lessons requiring only one form of media. We use simple coloring mediums - markers, pastels, and tempera sticks - and they will still create beautiful masterpieces!

#2: For the "littles" who might not yet have the fine motor skills to draw or participate in the full art courses with their older siblings, we've created a special section of all the Masterpiece Society coloring sheets just for them.

#3: Each new season we'll have brand new art lessons (extra lessons not available in our regular seasonal mixed media workshops).

#4: Plus, we are now offering holiday art lessons:

Valentine's Day  •  St. Patrick’s Day  •  Easter  •  May Day Mother’s Day  •  Father’s Day  •  Independence Day Halloween  •  Thanksgiving  •  Christmas  •  And more!

#5: And this is one I’m really excited about – a brand new “Create & Connect” outlet for moms only! Once a month, I’ll have a video lesson just for us moms to create, as well as a private group in which we can share our work and encourage one another.  

But wait…there’s more…

Not only do members get access to ALL our current courses for kids and teens, PLUS the exclusive content for members mentioned above… But, for as long as you remain a member you will get access to EVERY NEW ART COURSE we produce!!! You won’t have to purchase them separately because they will be automatically added to the membership site first! And, oh my goodness, do we have some awesome stuff coming out this year!!!  


Masterpiece Society "Art School" Coming Soon!

If you have ever wanted to give your older kids and teens quality art lessons in the very basics but never knew how or where to begin, or couldn’t afford a local teacher, then Art School, is for you! I will teach the fundamentals of art in four separate courses:

Throughout these four courses, your kids and teens will learn:

  • The Elements of Art
  • The Principles of Design
  • Accuracy
  • Value & Intensity
  • The Color Wheel & Color Mixing
  • Perspective & Vanishing Point
  • Proportion
  • Shapes & Negative space

 They’ll also learn the basic mechanics and various techniques of each the classical art mediums:

Graphite  •  Charcoal  •  Conte crayons  • Inks Oil pastels  •  Chalk pastels  •  Watercolors  •  Acrylics/Oils

Each of these courses will continue to be priced separately, so you can still buy them (if you don’t want to purchase a membership), but the way to get the best deal is to become a member of Masterpiece Society Studio because you will have complete access to each and every new course! Click here to learn more about Art School.


Even More Art Courses Coming this Fall and Beyond!

And we’ve got other courses in the works: Nature Art Journaling and Art & Literature, and several others. So if you want access to all of our current art courses, plus all the new ones as they come out, then the best deal is to purchase a yearly membership to Masterpiece Society Studio for only a $297!!! (Or, a low monthly subscription rate of $29.)   

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