Mixed Media Art

What Is Mixed Media Art?

Mixed media art is a fun and easy way to create because it is art without rules! The medium of choice is up to the artist’s tastes, moods and desires. It combines sketching, painting, lettering, stamping, cutting, pasting, and so much more! Mixed media creates an excellent outlet for self-expression and exploring your God-given creativity. With this art form, you must forget perfectionism and embrace the whimsical!

Art is a vitally important learning tool in any classroom, whether public or home school. Children who create art – sketches, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and crafts – not only experience the satisfaction of self-expression, but also learn to think in new ways.

How Does One Participate in the Workshops?

The mixed media workshops are either 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week eCourses which are taught via videos in a private, password-protected site. You and your child(ren) may watch and create on your own schedule. You will have LIFETIME access to the course.