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Art School: Acrylics (& Oils) 101

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The rich, buttery textures of traditional oils and modern acrylics
are an absolute delight to work with. Let me teach you the classical
techniques of the old masters as well as the new...

In this course we'll explore:

Acrylics and Oils

We'll experiment with the following techniques:

Paint Mixing • Monochrome Colors • Analogous Colors • Color Relationships • Alla Prima • Underdrawings & Underpaintings  Tinted Grounds • Brushwork • Impasto • Palette Knife Painting Glazing • Broken Color • Scumbling • Sgraffito • Tonking And more!

In Acrylics (& Oils) 101 we will copy master paintings by:

John Singer Sargent
Édouard Manet
J.M.W. Turner
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Willem de Kooning
Paul Cézanne
Gustave Courbet
Frida Kahlo

*** Please note: These courses are recommended for students ages 13 through teens. A moderate level of drawing ability is required. Only you know the abilities of your own children, so if you have younger ones who want to participate, you can make that call. These lessons will be more advanced than our other art courses in that they will encourage the students to draw upon their own inner resources (no templates will be provided). The purpose of these courses is to launch your child into the world of art so they can take these very basic skills and soar with them! ***

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